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With 100 years in flowers (nearly), local florists, on local high streets, serving local communities are the backbone of our brand. Together, we will make a great team by combining your creativity, skill and passion with our sales and marketing know-how. 

Why Interflora?

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Floral Freedom

Being in control of the flowers you buy means you can use what's fresh and in season, benefiting your profitability and stock control.


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Supporting Local Florists

With more orders and more opportunities to market your business to new customers in your local community we’ll help you grow your prominence on the high street.

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Wild Lavander

We're Here For You

The peace of mind and confidence of a reliable,

stable business partner.

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Working Together

Together we create beautiful moments for special people (pssst! Our florists are our special people too).  #weloveourflorists

We're here

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Florists are at the very heart of what we do

Be part of our thriving, vibrant flower family. 

Check out our flexible membership packages.

Flower Arrangements

Become a

Moment Maker

Join Interflora; the biggest and most respected floral gifting company in the UK and Ireland.

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