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Personalized Flower Arrangement

Freedom & Security

Get more orders and reach more customers when you become part of the UK & Ireland's leading floral gifting network - and enjoy the freedom of creating your own one-of-a kind bouquets.

Together, we will make a great team by combining your creativity, skill and passion with our sales and marketing know-how. You could be up and running in as little as a day. ¥

Our Story

With our community of rather brilliant florists, we create beautiful moments for special people. 

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When you become part of Interflora, you're tapping into a heritage

which will help you turn your already successful business into an even more profitable one.

Meet the Moment Makers

Some of our partners have been crafting floral masterpieces for generations, others are just starting out on their flowery adventure, but every one is a local florist, on a local high street, serving their local community

Kate from Mbr 10180A 3d768f3a-972c-4109-

Interflora partner since 1981

It feels like we are one team and working together. 


The link between Interflora and Florists is strong

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Blodau, Neath

West Glamorgan

Interflora partner since 2006

I value Interflora as part of my business because it gives me a steady number of orders and being part of the premier relay service provides the trust in knowing you are part of a big organisation, but still able to run your business the way you want.

*Omnibus survey April 2019

¥You could start taking orders in as little as a day. If you would like to deliver orders, we will contact you to discuss the full opportunities and we could be sending you orders within just a couple of weeks.

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